IFTTT Recipes

Are there any additional fields that can be included in the recipe “Track watering in a Google spreadsheet”?

{{WateringTimeName}} ||| {{CreatedAt}} ||| {{DurationInMinutes}} |||

If so, is there a list available?


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No replies because no one knows or there are no other fields that can be added?

@ukiwis At this time those are the only fields available. I do want to circle back to IFTTT and enhance the available data, but no time frame on when that will happen.


New Rachio user here. I setup the Recipe the other day and it created the spreadsheet. +1 for more data here as others have said.

The thing that surprised me was that it did not trigger the recipe when I manually ran a couple of zones in the last few days. I thought it would log this, but it did not. Does the recipe only trigger when a watering scheduled job completes instead of when ANY watering has completed? It would be nice to get a complete log, though perhaps that’s what the download CSV provides and I should just be using that?

Thanks for the update.