IFTTT Rachio Trigger Question

I need to trigger an action in IFTTT based on my “grass schedule” and not my “vegetable garden schedule”. The two run at different times. From what I can see in the IFTTT app the action can only be triggered when any watering time starts on the controller which includes all schedules. I need it to trigger the action based on a specific schedule. Is there a way to do this?

If not, I’ll need to use 2 controllers and use my vegetable garden schedule and zones on the 2nd controller. Then just use the 1st controller to trigger the IFTTT action. I’d rather not solve my issue this way.

Thanks for your help!

This is correct.

Not that I know of unless the action can parse the event we send and do something specific based on a value in it. I believe we do send out in the event the schedule name and ID, but its been awhile since I have been involved in the IFTTT integration.


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Thanks for the reply! Sounds like I’ll have to trigger the action based on the controller which will force me to use 2 controllers (1 controller for the zones I want to trigger the action and 1 controller for the zones I don’t want to trigger the action). If I use two gen 3 controllers, do I need to use 2 Isolators or is that only for using two gen 2 controllers?

Thanks again!

Sorry hardware is not my forte :wink:


@jmed999 - if the common wire will be shared between the two controllers, then two isolators will be needed. One for each system. It doesn’t matter if one is a Gen 3 and the other is a Gen 2 or heaven forbid one is a different make.

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back to the question on triggers.You can use RachioIro.wateringTimeStarts.WateringTimeName in the filter code. For example I used the following :

var Schedule = RachioIro.wateringTimeStarts.WateringTimeName

If (Schedule != “Planters”) {

to skip the next action which was to start a program on my Rainmachine. But if the Rachio wasn’t running schedule “Planters” it would skip it. You could take this concept to apply to whatever action you are trying to trigger.


How do I enter the filter code? Thanks!

you would enter it, when creating a new applet. If you add the action of rachio starts a schedule it will have a filter code block underneath