IFTTT options for new seeding

Its starting to approach lawn maintenance time and one of the reasons I purchased my Rachio controller was the ability to keep my new seed wet using short interval watering. However, I setup an IFTTT account this morning and was sorely disappointed. I had envisioned being able to water on a short interval based on multiple conditions obtained from my PWS such as:

Water every hour for 3 mins between 7A-8P if temperature is >85F and rain rate <0.10 for 1hr.

I had no idea IFTTT was so simple and lacked nested functionality. I did stumble across a project called Conjure that extends IFTTT functionality, but its in beta and I have not heard back after signing up. Am I missing something obvious? Has anyone found a solution that will work well for seeding?

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I need help on this too. After mid September it will time to reseed my fescue/bluegrass seed. We will need to water for 3 or four minutes about 4 times a day. The seed will be up within 10 days. Obviously I can turn on manually. Someone please help!

@franz, I will be needing this come over seeding time here in Arizona. Is there a way to work multiple watering times throughout the day for seeding purposes other than setting up a number of temporary schedule?


It depends how many you need. We support up to 16 programs on the gen 2 controller.

Next year we are putting much, much more sophisticated scheduling in place that will include multiple start times, before/after, etc, etc.

Hope this helps.


Oh yeah I’ve gotta start planning for this too with the rye

I just need to have this capability on one rotor zone (9 rotors) and one spray zone. How can I separate these zones from my flex schedule.

So for now, I’m just going to write a simple script that uses the Weather Underground API to pull current conditions from my PWS and then hit the Rachio public API to run a disabled schedule on my Rachio. If others are interested, I could make it parameterized so you could use it too (maybe via an IFTTT time trigger and Maker http call).

So for now, the only workaround would be to make the current flex schedule inactive, and create 4 fixed schedules to run when I want/need them to?

I’d LOVE for you to integrate a seeding feature into flex daily that could use the voodoo magic in flex to keep the ground just moist enough for seeding. Typically I end up over-watering with a fixed schedule running 3-4 times per day during over seeding.