IFTTT Options for Hot Days

I was hoping to use IFTTT for watering briefly on hot days. When the ambient temperature reaches a certain high temperature I’d like to run all or certain zones for a few minutes.

I can’t set it up to run a schedule as I’m only using flex daily schedules and it won’t let me select a flex schedule and the Rachio system won’t let me create a standard schedule that doesn’t run on any days.

Currently I can only do this by setting up a recipe for each individual zone.

If the IFTTT setup would let me select multiple zones with a checkbox instead of just one zone with a drop down that would be better.

Ultimately though, if I could create a standard schedule in Rachio that wasn’t scheduled to run any days but could be triggered by IFTTT I think that would be the most flexible option.

Any feedback would be appreciated though.


Hey @Michael303, thanks for the thought.

I’ve been thinking a lot about hot days and how to handle that. Appreciate you reaching out.

If you’re using IFTTT, you could setup a standard schedule that only runs one day a week for like a minute for each zone. That would get around the restriction of not allowing a schedule to run on zero days, and then you could use it with IFTTT.

@franz, I’m assuming we don’t have the level of control with IFTTT that he’s suggesting, right?

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@benblackmer @Michael303

You can just create a fixed schedule and disable it :wink:

It will still be an option in IFTTT and won’t run unless you trigger it manually.



That’s great. Thanks for the replies. I’ll give it a shot.

Will it start as soon as the temperature triggers it or will it start according to the scheduled time?





This works best for me but it sure would have been nice to be able to copy all three schedules I have now, then do a paste and change times.

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