IFTTT integration failing

I originally asked how to get proactive rain delays in Rachio - like skipping watering for 48 hours if it rains. I was told to use IFTTT for this, and it worked ok for a while, but the last month or so it has not been working - I get emails from them saying “It’s raining” or “It’s going to rain” indicating my rules are running, but the Rachio app sees no rain delay.

I have tried deleting and reconnecting Rachio to my IFTTT account with no luck. It says that it’s connected and OK, but the rain delay never gets processed.

We are actually building in this functionality for our Spring release, we currently only skip the schedule that is supposed to run if we detect observed/predicted precipitation :smile:

I checked your event history and it seems the rain delays are coming through, are you seeing differently?


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@Libertarian, another thing you might want to double check is your IFTTT logs. To do so, login to your IFTTT account, select “My Recipes”, then tap on the list icon to the right of the recipe. The logs should give you a history of every time the recipe has been ran and if there’s been any errors.

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