IFTTT for multiple zones

I tried setting up an IFTTT recipe to cool down the lawn by running the sprinklers for 1 minute of the temperature rises to a particular level. This worked great for a single zone, but when I tried setting up other zones they cancelled each other out, since all zones were triggered by the same temperature at the same time.

Is there a way to trigger multiple zones with IFTTT?

Create a fixed schedule that waters the zones you want and have ifttt kick off that schedule.

Great idea @plainsane, and don’t forget to disable the schedule (so it won’t fire at the time on the schedule)


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So you can have IFTTT trigger a disabled schedule? Eureka! Thanks.

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I’ve seen that receipe. I’m curious, what good does cooling down the lawn do from a grass maintenance point of view?

I’ve read that it can help prevent browning in the high summer months, especially in clay soil.

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Just be careful, you can cause wet wilt.

You can also cause an adverse effect depending on the soil microbes present.

Unless you are syringing correctly you can end up with dead turf/