IFTTT and blink(1) integration

Sometimes you get busy and it is better to get a visual notification of an action vs. a text or email. With that in mind I decided to purchase a blink(1) USB RGB LED notification light and see what I could do with it. With its IFTTT integration I immediately thought about it notifying me when my IRO started a schedule, stay on while watering took place, and turn off after the schedule is done. Now when I am working at my desk I can see the blink(1) come on when watering starts and go off when watering stops. You can set the colors or the pattern of colors to different Rachio events such as rain sensor activated, device offline, zone (X) started/stopped, schedule skip, etc. I am still experimenting with this but the possibilities are endless.



Thank you for sharing that with the community. That is a really cool integration. Keep up the innovation!

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