IFTTT Action Request

Would it be possible to have an IFTTT action that would enable a schedule and another to disable a schedule?

Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish: I’d like to run a cool down schedule when the outside temp reaches a certain threshold, but only after a certain time. If I could have IFTTT enable a schedule instead of running it, I could pick my start time in the schedule. Then after a certain time I could have have IFTTT disable the schedule.

Why would I want to do this you ask? I’ve got a robotic mower that mows the yard. Sprinklers popping up while he’s running is a BAD thing!

Let me know if this an action that you could add @franz.



I don’t see us building in the short term, there is a ton of development and testing that go into any new IFTTT development.

Can the robot be integrated with IFTTT to trigger a stop water when it starts mowing?


Thanks for the response. No, unfortunately the Robomow isn’t connected to the internet. He just happily lives outside in his home, following his schedule.

I would think an “enable schedule”, “disable schedule” would be a much requested IFTTT action. There would be a lot you could do with it!

Here I was, all excited about IFTTT. It would be pretty cool to run my curb and yard cool down based on temperature.

If you ever write the action, let me know!


Well you can set a rain delay for a day then set it back to zero giving you the same behavior?

Never mind, you can’t turn off the rain delay

If you have a netamo thermo you can do this, create a cool down schedule and start that schedule when temp reaches a certain point. Just make sure that schedule is disabled.

I can do that with IFTTT now. The problem is I need a start after time as well. If the Robomow is mowing and the temp reaches threshold, I’ve got a problem.

If they had an IFTTT enable/disable schedule, once the threshold was met, the schedule would be enabled but not run until the schedules start time which is after the mower is done. Then I could have another recipe to turn the schedule back off based on time.


Do you have a gmail account? I don’t want it but working on a ghetto tactic ifttt set of triggers to try this…can’t promise anything.

The problem with ifttt is that it is cool in a half assed way.

I do have one. I think I know where you might be going with this.

Thanks for the help!