If my soil is nearing 50% moisture, but my finger feels that the soil is still pretty wet, what setting do I change?

Dear all,

One of my zones (lawn) is nearing the 50% threshold to trigger the next daily flex watering. However when I pushed my finger into the soil, it’s still pretty wet. Not soggy wet, but wet enough to delay watering for at least 3 days in this cool weather. What setting should I adjust in advance settings based on my observation? I know I can probably alter the allowed depletion threshold, but that’s not exactly accurate if the soil is truly wet but the moisture measurement thinks otherwise.

Thanks for any input.

I imagine the AWC (Available Water Content) setting would be the value to change. However I’m not knowledgeable enough to make any suggestions as how to modify that value besides checking that it matches NRCS’s soil data first.

See this forum post on the NRCS web soil survey and discussions:

If the AWC value appears fine, double check the crop evapotranspiration settings and your weather station selection — make sure they make sense (e.g., you’re not using a weather station that’s erroneously reporting 100 degree temperatures, gusty winds, and no rain :slight_smile:

And finally, you can always do a “Fill” to set soil moisture to 100% at the soil moisture chart. The override is good for situations like this but hopefully the underlying reason things are drying out faster than they should would be resolved, too.

Ok so this is embarrassing. “Noob” mistake on my part I think. My soil moisture is now at 42%, but the zone was not watered. I think I’m mistaking soil moisture and allowed depletion. One is set at 50% (allowed depletion) while the other is scaled 0 to 100%. So when soil moisture is at 0%, that’s equivalent to 50% allowed depletion? According to the soil moisture graph, I’m about halfway (~42%) to allowed depletion. I should have a few more days until the next watering.

Aha. Yes, that is my understanding. Moisture Balance is scaled from the Allowed Depletion.