If I only have one "controller" wire, does it go on the left side?

I think I may already know the answer (yes), but wanted to be sure by checking-in with the rachio community.

The 24VAC I will be sure not to use per the manual (yes, I did “RTFM”) and cover with a couple of wire nuts just in case.

Here’s a few pics to help just in case:


@jav I’ve forwarded this to [support@rachio.com]. They are amazing at helping out with wiring. Will get a response today.


@jav, good morning. Yes, you are correct. You will not need to use the 24 VAC wires (white) with the Iro. Looking at your photo, I’m curious if those wires are just tucked into the hole in the wall? Looks like the same white wire is coming up from the bottom?

Let us know if you need any more help with your wiring or account setup.

Thanks for your support!

Best, Emil