If I cancel a scheduled run

Does the system adjust for that for future watering?

Also, if I do a manual watering does the existing daily smart schedule adjust?

@Desmo - if the schedule in question is a Flex Daily schedule then the answer to both questions is yes.

If the schedule in question is a Flex Monthly or Fixed, then the answer to both questions is no.

Thanks for the reply.

It’s a flex daily schedule. But it doesn’t appear that the schedule adjusted at all after I ran it manually today for 30 min.

Is there any notification of a schedule change or does it happen with no user notification ?

Check the soil moisture graph to see if it registered. The schedule only auto regenerates at 12 and 1 hours prior to a zone watering. You might be able to trigger a new schedule by toggling cycle and soak back and forward.


Moisture graph? No idea where or what that is.

Sorry. Brand new to this thing.


This should help explain. Each zone has a graph showing moisture levels. Once depleted we will water.


Ok thanks.

I checked the schedule now and it appears that it has adjusted and won’t water the front lawn after all.

Thanks again.