If a Rain Sensor triggers WHILE a schedule is running

Does it stop the current schedule?

Schedule will continue to run but all future schedules will be stopped:

Perhaps the rain sensor could shunt the power to the controller and force a restart? Problem solved!

That seems kind of brain-dead. Gotta wonder what Rachio’s engineers were thinking on this one?

Ok, one way to “fix” this would be to wire the rain sensor in series with the valve common wire. Then it will interrupt power to the valves when it trips. Voilà: Watering interrupted.

Problem with that is you get no notification in the app when the rain sensor is triggered.

That, too, can be fixed, though with more effort. Have the sensor control a 24VAC DPST, NO (normally open) relay. One set of relay contacts to the normal rain sensor input, the other in series with the valve common.

When the rain sensor is not activated the relay coil will be entergized and its two DPST contacts closed. When the rain sensor activates the coil is de-energized, the DPST contacts open, the valve common is interrupted and the controller’s rain sensor input sees it’s triggered.

Or maybe Rachio could fix their firmware :wink: