Identical Zones Out of Sync

I have two zones that have identical settings on a Flex Daily schedule. I would expect these two zones to water on the same days. Sometimes they do, but other times they get out of sync with one watering one day and the other watering the next day.

These two zones are my grass, so I would like them to always water on the same day so that the grass is only wet for that one day.

Does anybody have any thoughts on this?

@dane Do you have any idea on why this is happening?

Hi there!

If you can DM your email address or serial number associated with your account I can look into your Flex Daily and zone settings.

However, zones on a Flex Daily going “out of sync” should be expected and there is not necessarily a way to prevent it from happening without manual intervention and constant monitoring.

What I would do to determine why the zones are watering on different days is look at each zone’s soil moisture graph by navigating in the app to “Irrigation” > “Zones” > Tap on the zone in question, then on “Soil Moisture”. I would review the Irrigation and Precipitation event rows (moisture additions) and the Evapotranspiration (moisture debit) to determine at what point in the past two weeks one zone was close to or at the Allowed Depletion point before the other zone. By looking at the soil moisture graph we could determine why it happened or find clues if there is another reason for it.

If you want two or more zones to stay in sync, I would recommend placing those zones on a separate Flex Monthly schedule. Flex Monthly will update schedule frequency each month based on historical ET data. Flex Monthly schedules will adapt to changing evapotranspiration and always run the zones in the schedule during the same schedule run.

If you do your watering around midnight, that could happen if other zones sometimes skip.