Icon to left in History?

Flex came on this morning and it says it ran through all zones for the alloted time. When I go into History it shows that each zone ran for 14 minutes which was as planned. However, the little timer icon to the left on some is blue and on others gray or grayed out. What does that mean?

The blue Icon with the little slash in it is when the zone actually starts watering. When it’s finished watering a zone, it posts that with the grey clock icon. And the blue icon with the water droplet in it is telling you the time it sat and waited for a soak cycle. It will also post with a grey icon when a schedule is started or completed.

Thanks Linn. I get it now. Didn’t notice that it records on and then off as separate events and one said watering and the other says watered.

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@Linn thank you for the explanation!

@hdsteele if you still have any questions regarding the icons please feel free to read up on them.