I Wish You Have More 'Warm Season Grass' Categories

I wish you have a finer breakdown that just ‘Warm Season Grass.’ Instead, please consider offering:
WSG-St Augustine

I bring this up because I have all 4 WSG types. Yet my WSG setting, with it’s default values, doesn’t optimally work for each grass type. My buffalo grass is being watered a lot too much, my Burmuda is being watered fine, my Zosia a little too much and my St. Agustine not enough.

Short of making additional grass type selections possible (with attendant default parameter changes), I wish you’d publish a chart that shows all of the parameter settings that would optimally water all of these grass types.

Thank you.

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I don’t know if they have conducted field trials of all grasses. They are in Colorado so I’m not even sure your grasses would survive a winter.

If you can provide documentation to,these et’s, that would be helpful, else you need to go into advanced zone settings and move the coefficient slider.

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