I will upgrade to Gen3 Rachio if it supports

Last time when I upgraded from Gen1 to Gen2 controller, I had to setup everything from scratch. When you install new controller, it should let customer apply settings from old controller to new one.
All those settings (Number of zones, All the zone attributes, water usage etc) are tied to home address or location. They are not really tied to the controller. When you replace controller, it would make customer’s life easy if new one can detect old controller profile and carry them forward.

I feel like upgrading to new one. But I don’t want to do it until this feature is implemented in its firmware.



The mobile app will support copying Gen 1 or Gen 2 settings (zone photos, schedules, zone attributes, controller attributes, weather station) to the Gen 3 controller. We do not copy water usage but you can download that on the main dashboard for the previous controller.

Hope this helps.



Does it copy the current state of zone moisture over to avoid starting over and watering all zones as if they were empty?

I hope you’ll consider adding this in the future or else swapping during the off season (for those of us who have an off season) looks more desirable.


Damn you @scorp508, I’ll try to get that in.



:rofl: …where should I have the keg delivered to?

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Now you are speaking my language :wink:


Thanks franz! Now I don’t have any good reason not upgrading.

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I agree strongly with this. For the number of zones I have, “filling” them all costs me a lot of money. It’s cost me that twice now - once when I first installed, and again when the recent update reset them all to empty, even though we’d just had significant rains. (Side note: I noticed it was running the day after the upgrade, and pushed stop on the remote, which did not stop it. Finally I jumped through enough hoops to stop it).
Please please please put this scenario on your checklist for testing of future updates, and IMO a new install should not default to “empty”.

Thanks for the feedback @kylepeavy, this functionality is being built and will be ready for R3.


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