I want a greener lawn!


I’m wondering what to do here. Have my flex schedule set up so enough water goes down, and my grass grows rapidly (needs mowing >1x/week). However, it’s nowhere near as green as my neighbors’ (and one of them waters 2x/day every day)! There’s a bit of brown homogeneously mixed in and the green blades aren’t that green. Fertilizing made things grow faster but not greener.

My lawn is mainly fescue and on Long Island. Photo shows my lawn on the right, neighbor’s on left

Thanks guys.


If the brown grass is an annual crabgrass, it dies each year after going to seed. If that’s the case, you need to prevent the crabgrass from growing next year. Use a pre-emergent fertilizer in the spring, timed correctly to prevent the crabgrass from germinating, and/or spray with a selective herbicide that targets crabgrasses.

If the brown grass is dead desirable turf grass species, then you need to dethatch or power rake. Amazon sells electric ones for $100 that will do the job. The rotating tines loosen the dead grass and you can rake it and dispose of it. If the lawn is thin after this raking, you should put down seed. Fall is best for cool season grasses. If you miss the chance to do it this fall, you can do it in the spring, but not if you put down a crabgrass preventer, since it would also prevent the grass seed from establishing.

If the alive desirable turf grass is yellow and not green, you need to fertilize. Generally you’d do spring w/ pre-emergent to prevent weeds/crabgrass from germinating and a fall fertilizer (no need for pre-emergent). These are the best times since cool season grasses grow in the spring and fall.

Both lawns look to be the same color green, only the neighbor’s lawn has less dead grass. Other than fertilizing a regular amount on the spring/fall schedule, I wouldn’t change anything.

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@Irwhit There are companies out there that will paint your lawn green. This is the first thing that popped in my head when I saw your topic title.

Real green grass is an investment.

@mnwaterer has some good info.


In the past, I’ve had good results with Ironite. You can’t burn your grass by over appying it, but it WILL leave rust spots on concrete if you don’t wash off spills quickly.


Thanks for that great info!

I did crabgrass preventer last spring, so the crabgrass burden wasn’t too bad.

I indeed do have a dethatcher and managed to rake a TON of dead grass out. Just put down seed last weekend. Hoping to see some new grass soon.

Kinda hard to tell the difference between yellow alive grass and dead. How do you tell? Gonna try stick to fertilizing in late fall and early spring (with the pre-emergent). Does it make sense to throw down some composted manure right now to add some more organic matter to the lawn?


LMAO. My mind jumped to that too


I’ve eyed ironite. However, I’ve read that since it is derived from mine tailings that it contains heavy metals and other hazardous materials?


Use a fertilizer high in Nitrogen(N) and Potassium(K). The three numbers on a fertilizer bag represent a percentage of 3 different nutrients in this order N-P-K (Nitrogen - Phosphorus - Potassium). Nitrogen increases growth and greenness, potassium helps the grass better utilize the nitrogen. Adding supplemental iron will help give your grass a darker shade of green.


Milorganite. Slow release organic Nitrogen with iron should help get you going in the right direction.