I run an irrigation service company. What are the ways my techs can access accounts? What do we need on our end?

What are the common complaints users have about sharing access when calling on a service company to work on the system? I want to hear from users and contractors alike.

Users control when access is shared. You can giveth. You can taketh. Sharing is via another users email address. They can name zones, as my guys did with a recent expansion. They can turn on and off. I’m not sure if they can set up schedules, but you can always undo that if you don’t like it.


Thanks @obmd1, to give some more context we currently have two access levels, complete access and limited access.

This article will help explain the different types



I shared access through the app, which give no such choices (unless I missed them) lesson learned… share access through the desktop. What’s a desktop?