I need help connecting my controller for the first time

I just received my Rachio 3 and I am unable to connect my controller. The first area on the left of the light bar is a slow flash of red. I have no issues with Wi-Fi and have full bars. Please help with any suggestions

What make/model phone are you using?

If you run this and provide the code I can have the engineering team review the network.


Iphone 7plus

what else do you need?

If you run this and provide the generated code I can have the team review.

If they can’t determine anything from that you will need to reach out to our support team.

I’ve downloaded the app and have a key code but i don’t think it is complete. The app is stuck at Next, place your iPhone/Pad next to the device and it hasn’t moved to the next step
key code is R6AXBMZU

my bad…i hadn’t advanced the test.
it’s scanning now


Not seeing any results for that code? Your best bet might be reaching out to support.rachio.com or our support number is 1-844-472-2446.