I Need a simple solution. Does Rachio do simple?

I have a simple 7 zone house. I am not a botanist, I have no idea what 90% of all the technical mumbo jumbo is in your app. I need to water 7 zones one day a week (I live in California and we are on a strict drought schedule). I need each zone to run for an adjustable amount of time. I need them to not to run if it’s raining (so far, that part seems to work). I need to adjust the amount if somethings getting too much water. That’s all, I don’t understand or need all the other technical complexities…I just need to run water on grass. How do I make this thing simple, or at VERY least, understandable for an average person who simply wants to automate water…on grass.

BTW- LOVED how easy it was to set up. LOVED how easy the wifi was to program (I am a programmer), LOVE the photo for the zones. LOVE the weather (rain) monitoring. HATE not understanding any of the complex verbiage for actually getting it to work predictably. This thing ALWAYs waters WAY too long in each location and I’m pretty much left to just blindly move controls everywhere too see if any have any effect (as I have no idea what any of them mean without a degree). i just need my zones to water for 15 minutes or so…period.

BTW- This is what the software looks like that i am using and my phone is an iPhone 6+ if that helps.

@PaulDoty, do you know if you’re using Fixed or Flex schedules? Can you share a screenshot of the controls you’re adjusting?

I’d recommend using a Fixed schedule and enable Weather Intelligence with the lowest threshold option.

You might need to adjust the zone’s watering duration up or down to the time you wish, but I believe this scheduling configuration will be perfect for what you’re looking for.

Hope this helps.

Best, Emil

Here’s my one day a week schedule, also another issue, some zones show "scheduled’ some do not. software Glitch? or perhaps another aspect of the interface that I do not understand.

@PaulDoty, thanks for the screenshots. In reviewing your account, it appears your Fixed schedule (Drought) is only configured to water zones 4 (set to run 48 minutes) and 5 (set to run 16 minutes). I’d recommend giving this video a quick watch and see if it helps. If not, please let me know and I’ll have a member of the support team follow up with you.

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I am using “fixed” and now I need to tweak the individual water times. Where do i go to do that? The software does not have an obvious or user friendly place to go to to do this. I know i’ve seen it once when a service tech walked me through it on the phone, but it is not easy to find in the software.

If you navigate to a watering schedule, you can adjust the zone minutes from there.

Hope this helps.

For future reference, this support article outlines how to edit a Fixed schedule :slight_smile:

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