I’m not sure I understand the Weather Intelligence PLUS


It rained a lot Wednesday, Thursday, Friday over 2” one night. Then no rain Saturday or Sunday but it watered today, Monday and it’s going to rain more Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. It only stops watering if it’s going to rain more than a certain amount that very same day?


Hey @Tanquen!

Rain Skip works in two ways - first, Rachio will do a check 12 and 1 hour prior to the scheduled run for actual and forecasted rain totals. Then, if those totals exceed your Rain Skip threshold (under More > Weather Intelligence Plus) it will skip the schedule. If those totals do not exceed the threshold, it will still run.



@Tanquen Looks like you are on a flex monthly schedule. In a “normal” scenario since it rained so much we would have done a climate skip assuming your ground was saturated and you could make it to the next watering. Since you are on flex monthly and hadn’t watered since 11/9, and wouldn’t have watered until sometime in December, the system decided it couldn’t make it to the next watering without the system being depleted. If this had happened during a time where you were watering more frequently it definitely would have skipped.



That doesn’t sound unreasonable but with all the rain just days prior and continuing to rain all this week I don’t think the watering was of any use. If it’s only watering every few weeks what’s the difference between the ground being saturated 2 or 3 days last week and 2 or 3 days this week by rain alone versus the sprinklers doing it again on one of the few days in between when it wasn’t raining?