I have the Rachio 3e thinking about upgrading to the 3

Hello all this is my first post. I just purchased and installed the Rachio 3e about 2 weeks ago and love it. But the way I am the type if there’s something better why not. I’m asking is it worth going to the 3 or just keep the 3e. the main thing i was looking at was the Intelligence Plus . Is the Intelligence Plus that much better? Granted knock on wood I hadn’t had any wi-fi problems or disconnects at all except for the apple users problem they had last week.

Did you find a reliable, close-by PWS near your residence on WI?


Yes Franz I did. The closest one I found was 11 miles away which I just switched to it about 2 days ago and so far it’s been on point. I was using the Wi at first and it missed a couple so that’s when I switched to the pws.

11 miles seems a bit far, but if it is working for you then great. The Gen 3 does also have flex daily schedules which could save a bit more water, but if you are happy with your setup maybe see it through the season and see how you like it?


When I was using the Wi the closest one was about 7 miles and it was an airport. It missed a few showers.

I will leave it on the pws and see how it does.