I have reset my rachio gen1

I have reset rachio gen1 because I was having issues with wifi configuration. Now my rachio
Doesn’t connect to the wifi. Blink up is not
Working and I can not see my rachio app. I need help. I can not also enter in web app

@acodcp - what is the light sequence on the Gen 1? Is there good WiFi signal where the controller is? Consider power cycling the WiFi router and any modem (DSL, cable, etc.) used to connect to the internet and then retrying Blink Up.

The light sequence is long red and 2 short red.
The rachio has been working for 1 year but I have changed the password in my router so I tried to reset the wifi connection in the rachio app but it doesn’t work so we finally reset the rachio deleting the device from the app. We have started again since the beginning doing the blink Up and we tried thousand of time and it doesn’t work.

Network if 2,4ghz router is close to the device.

The device is power on but now the red light is on in the wifi

We can not access to the webpage with our user

The rachio is still watering with the old programmes as it runs at the hour scheduled but we can
Not change, stop or do anything as we can not access to the device

I have also tried to create a new user and configure since beginning and same error. It doesn’t found network/password


Hi Ana, sorry to hear about your recent trouble with your Gen 1. If you wouldn’t mind scheduling a call, I’d like to have one of our Support representatives troubleshoot your current setup and device over the phone at your earliest convenience.

In preparation for this, if you wouldn’t mind running a network diagnosis using RouteThis we can collect as much information as possible and attempt to diagnose the problem.

If you’d like to post or DM me the RouteThis code that you’ll generate after following the instructions from the article linked above, I’d be happy to take a look.

Hi Mitchell I have scheduled call for now at 5:30PM CET but nodody phoned me :frowning: . I have run the diagnosis RouteThis and it returns me the code: QAT8TA5H.

I have also tried to create a new user and add the device to my new user but the blinkup doesnt work, same error, the Rachio doesnt find the network/Pasword.

I have reviewed my router configuration, no MAC filtering and I´m in 2,4GHz.

I think my devide is broken, but what it is very intersting is that the device is running the programmes and it is watering at the schedules, but I can not stop or modify :frowning:

I dont know what else to do, I need to fix this issue

please who can phone me? thanks,

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Hey @acodcp-

I see you are currently speaking with our agent, Travis, who is one of our wifi specialists. I can assure you that he will get your issue resolved as quickly as possible!

I have the same exact issue. Any solution found to this?

@Yodannos - most of the time the issue is site specific. If the router, modem and Rachio have been power cycled, then I’d run RouteThis and schedule a call with Rachio support.

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Thank you DLane!

I have tried all steps above, including power cycling all devices. I have more than sufficient speed (as measured by a Speedtest wifi in the area of the Rachio device)(200 mbps download, 12 Mbps upload). In addition, it has been up and running fine with the router (Apple extreme) for over a year. Just recently lost connectivity and will not reconnect.

Hi @Yodannos I couldnt solve this issue, I have tried everything, now I´m almost an expert in networks. Nothing works. I think the RAchio controler is broken, but I dont understand why it has been running without anyissue until I have change the passwork of the router for 1 year. I recevied a message from Rachio support abour warranty replacement.
I hope you could find the issue

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One question - did you try changing the password back on your router (to the one the gen1 knows) to see the the device connects ok then?

Only an experiment but worth trying for diagnosis.

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@Yodannos have you been able to resolve this issue? If not, I recommend contacting support. It is difficult to troubleshoot wifi, especially Gen 1 controllers, on the forum. Our agents get things moving much more quickly!

McKynzee :rachio:

I thought that they didn’t return my phone call. Then, I looked at the blocked phone numbers in my iPhone and found the message that they returned my call. The Rachio phone number is unidentified. We get so many SPAM calls that I don’t answer unidentified numbers. Admittedly, I’m old. I think it is common courtesy to identified the caller.

Tech Support did their job. It is the phone system that is failing both of us. Bad reviews for tech support and disappointment and frustration for installers.



I have the same problem with both controllers that went out at the same time. I got one boilerplate email back from tech support telling me to do all the usual stuff, check wifi strength, reboot, repower up etc. did all of that many times. When i blink up i get a green light on the wifi for a couple of seconds then it goes back to blinking red one long two short. Then my phone does a scan and sends the info to rachio.

Oh and BTW, both the controllers are not keeping the original schedules. No water is getting to the garden.

Tech support got back to me after several boilerplate tech recommendation emails. All of which I did. They eventually told me it was my wifi network and told me to try another network. It failed.

I’m sure this reply will disappear off this forum but here goes.

Here is my email reply to tech support-
Hi Dylan,

No the controllers wouldn’t pair with wifi on another network.

As you told me there wasn’t anything you could do I went ahead and bought 2 Orbit B-hyve controllers and they paired up in seconds (yes, on the exact same 2ghz channel)l.

I think your diagnostics are not very good for whatever the problem was and it definitely was not a problem with my wifi network. I also installed a new printer located right next to the Rachio controller on the same network and it installed in seconds. I don’t believe it was some electrical spike because nothing else in our extremely wired house had many issues. Being that both my Gen 1 controllers failed at exactly the same time I can only imagine it may have been an update to the firmware or it’s built in obsolescence.

Up until they both failed I thought they did an excellent job. The B-Hyve doesn’t have as many zones or complicated functions but at least they connect!