I have 7 Gen3 Controllers & Flow Meters, a couple Suggestions!


I have 7 Gen 3 Controllers and 7 Flow Meters at 7 different properties across town. Here are a couple suggestions that I would like to make:

  1. Currently, when a controller is in “Standby Mode”, it will not say if the hardwired rain sensor has been Activated on the Home/Dashboard. You have to disable “Standby Mode” then it will say if the rain sensor is Activated or not on the Home/Dashboard. There is no reason why both can’t be displayed simultaneously.

  2. When I get an alert that the rain sensor has been Activated or Deactivated, it does not say for which system on the alert. I want it to also say for which system. Something like Rain Sensor Activated-“XYZ”

XYZ = whatever you named your controller

The Rachio system as it is, simply rocks. These are a couple easy fixes to make it even better!


Interesting. When I get high flow alerts I believe I get the controller name with them.

Here’s what my alerts say:

I see your problem. It was just something we failed to foresee during beta. Then algothrim gurus there at Rachio are probably already working on the patch.

I assume you are referring to issue #2: alerts regarding rain sensors not giving the controller name with it?

As you can see, the notifications don’t state which controller. Furthermore, when you open the app, it doesn’t display which controller’s sensor(s) are activated if the controller is in “standby mode”.