I flex - you flex - we flex

Well, it’s pretty easy to adjust root depth in the zone attributes window. This allows us anything in between turf and perennial to adjust for mulch type or finicky grass or whatever! Happy tweaking :grinning:

Yes that true but when you have new plants and they have 4 to 6 roots and your on a drip system its a pain in the you know what to get it just right. :grimacing:

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the issue with that is that it threw more water, this made the problem worse.

i think im a fringe case. ill see if i can get pictures. you should see how amazingly thick my tiller canopy is, its out of control…not enough verticutting and too much growth regulator this year.

because primo causes deeper root growth i started out with your suggestion but had to undo it.

in all fairness ill retry next season because i was doing this early on in the flexy beta and i know issues have been resolved…

for now i have sprinkled a bunch of headway g and now that our season is pretty much over, im on standby.

The last thing I want to start growing are mushrooms unless they are the right kind. Lol
I feel like I’m in the tropics, :hushed: And here I’m supposed to be saving water, :cold_sweat: