I create a schedule, but nothing happens

I have created a schedule in mid-May and assumed it was running in the middle of the night as I had asked it to.

In reality, nothing has happened. If I look in my schedule, the schedule is there, it is enabled, it says run on even days, it says to be done by sunrise, it says to use a bunch of zones… everything looks right, so I assumed I was good to go.

Last night I discovered it has not run, at all… if I push the “run now” button, of course, it runs… but there is NOTHING in the history between May 22 and today - so no, the weather sensor didn’t deactivate the run. If I look in the calendar I see no scheduled events.

Last night I tried several new schedules, one to run on odd days, one to run every day… nothing I create comes up in the calendar as going to occur, and Rachio says there are no future waterings scheduled.

This seems like a basic functionality of sprinkler control… to turn on the sprinklers on some regular interval - HELP (please).

In clicking different things on the interface I discovered that click the thing that says “Standby Mode” switches it to “Online” and the calendar populates…

This is wrong - if one doesn’t know that “Standby Mode” means it won’t run there’s no reason to not assume “Standby Mode” isn’t just normal old “I’m standing by waiting to run my next cycle”… you seriously need to to use language that really shows that thing won’t work in this mode.

“Online” is clear (this is the mode it is in when it is not in “Standby Mode”), and given the choice between “Online” and “Standby” it’s easy to pick the right one - but if the default is “Standby” and the switch is either on or off - there is nothing to indicate Standby isn’t normal operational mode - how about “Online” and “Offline”, this is clear - “Standby” is ambiguous.

So… problem solved - but UI improvement needed.

Did you have standby mode on?


Yes, I had standby mode on - but as a name “Standby Mode” doesn’t tell me the unit is not going to run - I assume it is just standing by until the next scheduled run time. From a UX perspective “Standby Mode” and “Online” are only good if you know these are the two options, if you only have a switch that says “Standby mode" on/off you can just assume Standby Mode is running… How about using a name that makes it more obvious the unit is not going to work while in this mode - like “Offline” and “Online”, if I see a button that tells me to turn on or off “Offline Mode”, that is clearer… “Standby Mode” is ambiguous.

There is a big pop up that appears when you turn standby mode on that explains exactly what it’s going to do and not do.