I changed to an iPhone 13 and can’t get into my controller

I have the app, it asked me to “Add a controller” and when I tried, it says that controller belongs to someone. No s*it, Sherlock, it’s mine. How do I set this up on the new phone? Hoping someone else has had this program.

Also updated to 13, didn’t have any issues.
Try going to More > account > and sign out (red text / option at the bottom).
Signing in again will hopefully fix the issue.

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Normally, you wouldn’t have to ‘add’ a controller – logging in with the correct username and password should automatically show your controller(s).

Possibly, you created a new account by mistake.

If you visit app.rach.io and log in, does your controller appear? If not, when you do that from another device, does the controller appear?