I cannot pick some zones with flex daily

I have been a rachio user for over a year. I currently have a flexible monthly schedule and believe I want to change to flexible daily. When I go to create a flexible daily, none of my zones show up. Any idea why? (Do I need to delete my monthy schedule)?

Each Zone can only be in one Flex Schedule. You should not have to delete your Monthly Schedule; you should be able to just disable it and then create a Flex Daily. This way, in case you do not like the Flex Daily, you can still go back to your monthly.

I’ve disabled the monthly and still cannot see the zones. I do have the zones in another disabled flex daily (older one I experimented with) Would that cause the issue?

I do not believe it should. I am not sure why you cannot see the zones. Have you tried looking on the web app or just your phone app?

@jeffleusch Yes, I believe that is the issue. :wink:


Thanks all. I adjusted the existing Flex Daily and all was good.