I cannot open the Iro once i mounted it. I need to switch 2 wires

Ok i saw the video but the Iro will simply NOT open up… This is huge design flaw… I am afraid if I yank at it i will break it. Anybody have suggestions?

Mine was hard to get opened too. I just pulled with even force on both sides of the unit at the same time. It did open and i did have to use a fair amount of force.

Support may have additional thoughts on this but give it a try.



Thanks for reaching out. Really sorry that you are having issues getting your Iro separated. As @rockinray described pulling with even force on each side typically does the trick. I would suggest using the corners with one hand on the bottom left corner and one on the top right corner. Then wiggle it as you pull it apart. This should help.

Let me know if you are still unable to separate it.


@kevinro I am yanking and yanking but no luck , only way this will come off is with brute force and prying it with a screwdriver…If i do this I will damage the internals definately… and be out of 240 bucks or so :flushed:

@TunaTaint, I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble getting your front panel off of your wall mount. The front panel should fit snug on the wall mount, but release when pulled on (not pried open). We’d like to better understand why your front panel isn’t coming off easily. Perhaps you could send us a few photos of your front panel and wall mount to review? We’d like to help. Worst case, we’ll send you a replacement to correct the issue.

Best, Emil

@emil I will send you a pic when i get home from work , should i post here or start a support ticket?

@TunaTaint, sounds good. Either a post or email is fine, whichever is easier for you :blush:

@emil I just tried to take cover off and this is what happened… pic attached

@emil I got email from Kevin and when i replied it got rejected can you lmk if the email with my address confirmation went through? ticket #34629

@TunaTaint, yep we got it! We can help you transfer your device settings. We’ll just need you to blinkup the Iro again.

Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and are looking into the issue.

@emil I just replied to you and got delivery failure again

"Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


Technical details of permanent failure:
Message rejected by Google Groups. Please visit http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=188131 to review our Bulk Email Senders Guidelines."

@TunaTaint, I think we isolated this on your iPhone, correct?

@emil If i took my phone of Wif and just used ATT LTE then it went through fine But using any type of wifi seems to trigger something… Might be ISP related not sure.