Hydrawise versus HydroRain BHyve v Rachio versus Rain Bird

I work for an irrigation distributor. Unfortunately, we do not sell Rachio. But I own a Rachio and really like it, except for not having buttons or a touch screen. I think Rachio hands down has the most impressive smart software in the industry.
Today I tried to help a contractor figure out the Hunter Hydrawise app. It is horrible and very difficult to navigate. It is nothing more than time-based watering with percentage adjustment. And you are stuck using the closest airport weather station an an on-site Solar Sync (low tech pretend ET). My company also sells Rain Bird and the Hydro Rain BHyve. Rain Bird has an easier app to navigate, but again its just time based watering and can only do up to 22 zones Hydro Rain has a very attractive app and its scheduling is pretty much like Rachio.
Contractors who have made service calls mention that Rachio is easy to use. Contractors have returned the Hydro Rain Bhyve because “My customer wants Rain Bird.” Just some interesting feedback. Hunter has capability to go up to 54 stations and even utilize two wire and decoders with their HCC controller. I hope Rachio will step up and do the following:

  1. Create a large capacity controller with touch screen.
  2. Create some form of retrofit part that can allow any controller to use Rachio software.
  3. Dump the cheap wiring terminals.
  4. Manufacture only in the USA.
  5. Add irrigation distributors across the USA
  6. Offer a contractor grade controller NOT available from Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes or other like outlets.
  7. Team up with major irrigation manufacturers to possibly license your software.

Just a few ideas. It has been a long time since I have participated.

To add to this list, add the ability to enter a K factor and offset for flow sensing so any sensor can be used. Or at least update the list when a request comes along.

3 years ago this was considered a simple addition as long as the K and O were known…