HW request: Remote zone support


Out front we have like 2 remote zones for the herb garden getting the best sun.

I don’t really need a full Rachio there. I have idle zones on my Rachio.

Can you offer a wireless relay in the $50~60 range?

My ask would be say 4~8 zones which can power a solenoid and for extra credit be solar powered to run from a water butt.


https://shop.trycelery.com/page/5771997542da771100588518 can be an option.


Thanks for the tip but I bought a bunch of equipment from another startup company and they’ve gone under and taken the server offline so the app won’t log in, and the hardware is basically a brick. I’m sticking with big brands where possible.

Yeah I could build a DIY relay module with arduinos and 24V transformer or even just go directly to OpenSprinkler but I don’t want some ugly rats nest of wires there. I want a nicely made case and a single power supply. That option does set the upper boundary of my budget though.