Hunter XCore to Gen2

Looking to install my gen 2 I just got but wanted help confirming wires before I unhooked my old controller.
Any help is appreciated. Searched and didn’t find this specific example.

@Teekso - welcome to the Rahcio community.

  1. The white wire in the C terminal will go to any C terminal on the Rachio (2 on the 8 zone or 4 on the 16 zone version).
  2. The blue wire in the P terminal will go to the M/P terminal on the rachio. Be sure to configure the Master Valve/Pump Start Relay option in the application.
  3. The red wires in terminals 1 - 6 will go to the Rachio terminals 1 - 6.
  4. The yellow wires on the 24VAC terminal are not needed. Trace those wires back to a transformer that can be unplugged so there won’t be a vampire sucking electricity.
  5. Looks like there is a rain gauge (wireless?) with the two red wires on the 24VAC and the white and brown wire on the SEN(sor) terminals. Do you want to use a local rain sensor (not absolutely needed) in addition to the internet based weather station. If so, I’d need some more specifics to make sure we hook it up correctly - I think one red goes to SP, another red goes to SC along with the white and the brown goes into a S(ensor) port like S1.

@DLane is right on the money, beat me by 20 seconds :wink:

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