Hunter XC to Rachio 2 and Enclosure

Hi. I’m new to Rachio. Can someone please explain how to wire the 24 VAC to the Rachio enclosure. I’ve seen the diagram and the video but I am confused with wiring the 24 VAC wires from my Hunter XC to the Rachio 2.

Edit: Initially my post was also regarding connecting the electrical to the Rachio but after some additional research I get it now. I still don’t understand the 24 VAC wires connection to the Rachio. Are those VAC wires just a loop in this Hunter controller?

Thank you.

Rachio controller brings its own 24AC power supply so you should be able to safely ignore those yellow wires. Hunter probably includes terminals in case someone has to use an external 24 VAC supply? Beats me.

@xlnlif - there is a 120 VAC to 24 VAC transformer in the Hunter enclosure that you’re not seeing. The wall power to the Hunter in the enclosed box which is opened in the second picture and connects to the hidden Hunter transformer, probably located above and behind the 24 VAC terminal. In the Rachio, that is the external power adapter.

As @Kubisuro said, just ignore those 24 VAC wires when moving the wires from the Hunter over to the Rachio.

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I only have a red and green wire from the fuse box. Can I cap the White wire and move on with the installation? Or do I just merge it with the green wire as that was how it was attached with the Hunter.

@xlnlif - cap off both wires coming from the fuse box as the Rachio unit will use a wall plug for its transformer. If you’re using those wires to connect to a new wall plug for the Rachio unit, then my guess is red is the hot wire and green is the neutral wire (typically white, as green is ground - but neutral and ground are tied together at the circuit breaker panel).

This is for the outdoor enclosure installation using the wires from the enclosure. I did go ahead and combine the green and white/neutral enclosure wires to the green wire from the electrical panel and the Rachio is working fine. If the green/white wires for the outdoor enclosure shouldn’t be combined let me know. Thank you.

@xlnlif - oops, my bad - I missed that in the original post. I think you’re fine.