Hunter XC to Gen 2 Conversion -- Zones not working

I have completed the install and wiring conversion (pics attached). All seems to be in order. The master valve is activated in the app. However, I’m not getting any water from the sprinkler heads. Any ideas on troubleshooting?


@1995Sooner - I hope you labeled the red wires before removing them from the Hunter. Move the white wire from the M(aster Valve) terminal in the Rachio to one of the C(ommon) terminals. The red wire that was in the P terminal on the Hunter needs to be in the M(aster Valve) terminal on the Rachio.

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I moved the red wires one at a time, so the only ones that would be miswired are the red one in the C terminal and the white one…can’t believe I missed that! When I read your comment, my first thought was, “What are they talking about?! There’s NO WAY!”

And of course there’s a way. Always good to have another set of eyes not close to the project.

Will check it out when I get home.

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@1995Sooner - that was my guess on which red wire to swap.

No worries. Glad to help. It’s always the little things and a second pair of eyes certainly helps to find those.

Welcome to the community.

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That fixed it!

Thanks again for the help and sharp eyes.


This is what I like to hear!