Hunter to Rachio3 REM AC1 & 2

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My Hunter control has an REM wire. Where does that go on the Raccio3?

Also, there’s a VAC AC 1 & 2 -does it matter between the 24 and VAC spots which AC wires goes into which?

Also, I just read the wiring instructions for the orbit wireless rain sensor- it uses the sensor spots for 2 wires and the 24 and VAC spots- so, in conjunction with my question above, do I put more than one wire in the 24 and VAC spots then?

What model Hunter are you referring to? I believe the REM is for their remote system which you do not need with Rachio since it is handled through the app which is remote.

The VAC terminals are for output, not for input (just want to make sure you knew that).

The following link should give you the information: Rachio compatibility with Orbit Wireless Rain Sensor

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It’s a Hunter Pro C. I have no idea what the wires I’m questioning do, which I why I’m asking where they should be installed on the Rachio- so Input/output means nothing to me. My question about the sensor came after reading the page you linked.

Here is a link to a instruction manual: OM_ProC_EM.pdf ( You can find the REM screw slot and it is for the remote. It looks like the remote uses red that went to AC1, white that went to AC2, and blue that went to REM. None of those get hooked to the Rachio.

The transformer supplied with the Rachio plugs right into an outlet and then into the Rachio (the cylindrical connector). The 24VAC terminals on the Rachio are for supplying power to other things such as a rain sensor if used.

For the rain sensor on the Rachio 3, it looks like you should connect the yellow to S1, white & one of the reds (does not matter which) to 24 VAC -, and the other red to 24 VAC +.

It might be easiest if you posted a before and as much of the after pictures as you have so far.

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