Hunter SRC+ wiring with pump relay and rain sensor

Sorry if this has already been covered, but I can’t find my specific wiring situation -

I’m wiring a gen 2 8 zone, coming from a Hunter SRC+ that has a pump start relay and a rain sensor. I do NOT want to include the rain sensor with the Rachio setup.

The zone wiring is clear to me - 5 zones with a white common wire.

The relay wiring is almost clear. On the Hunter the pump relay is wired to MV and RS (looks like a lamp cord). I assume the MV wire goes to the M slot (and then set up Master Valve in the app), but I don’'t know where the RS goes? Does it go to SC? SP? It’s not a rain sensor wire, it’s a pump start relay wire. That’s why the RS is throwing me.

I appreciate any insight. Thanks!

Pump relay would go to one of your M (master) and C (common) terminals. You could theoretically use M and SP terminals, but C terminal is preferred for non-sensor applications.



Great. Thanks for the quick response. I didn’t realize there were two C terminals available, but knowing the answer it’s now obvious!

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You are my wiring hero. That is all.