Hunter SRC to Rachio wiring: AC-AC-R-C

I have recently purchased Rachio and I am very happy. However, I have some trouble with switching from my old Hunter SRC system to Rachio. I have read some posts in the community forum, but I could not find a clear solution. I would appreciate your assistance with this issue.
My current Hunter wiring is AC-AC-R-C. How to convert these wiring to Rachio?

All of the zone wires (1-6) go to the same terminals in your Rachio, and the white C (common) wire goes to either of the Rachio C terminals.

[redacted per clarification by @DLane following] As you don’t seem to be using the Hunter rain sensor (which is a simple run/don’t run moisture sensor of dubious usefulness and reliability anyway), you don’t need any of the wires at the Hunter AC-AC-R terminals (black, red, white or blue).

The Hunter power leads (fatter wires) are not needed. Rachio has its own plug-in power brick and connector. For some nice examples (with pictures, like yours) of this setup, search this Community for “Hunter SRC”.

@JBTexas I think the blue wire going to the R terminal is actually the Hunter Remote. The rain sensor would go on the RS terminal on the Hunter.

@liuzongyue6 - don’t install any of the AC, AC or R wires from the Hunter onto the Rachio.

I personally would make sure the wiring move works without the rain sensor. Many seem to find that it is not even needed depending where the nearest weather station is.

I greatly appreciate your thorough explanation, which proved to be a lifesaver! May I trouble you with a beginner’s question? I’m curious about the best approach for handling unused terminations.

I suggest not connecting any wires to the unused terminals and disable the zone. Does that answer that question?

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