Hunter SRC+ to Rachio 3 Wiring

I just received the Rachio 3 8 zone as a gift and was looking to switch from Hunter SRC+ that is currently installed.

Looking at the wiring, kind of confused where some of these wires are installed or if they are even needed.

I understand the 2 black wires on the left side is AC power and will not be needed.
The maroon zone and MV wires plus the 1 white C wire are easily identifiable but it’s the other wires are when I am confused.

I am assuming the blue wires are rain sensors but what about the separate yellow, white and red wires that are attached on to 24V? Also, the other thicker white wire that is attached to RS terminal?

I have gone through the other posts but not seeing/missing what I need to complete the setup. Any guidance would be appreciated.

@bs_in_tx - Congratulations on getting a Rachio as a gift and welcome to the community.

Here are my comments:

  1. I think the true C(ommon) wire is the thicker white one in the RS terminal.

  2. I think there is a wireless rain sensor installed which will account for the two yellow, one blue (on the RS Terminal) and one white (on the C terminal) wires. See this article for installing that, if you want it active on your system, (don’t forget to set the appropriate sensor to rain sensor in the app) →

  1. I think the remaining white (24VAC terminal), red (24 VAC terminal) and blue (R terminal) wires are for a Hunter wireless remote control that won’t be used with Rachio./

Post back if you have any questions or issutes.


@DLane Thanks so much. That was very helpful.
I was able to get my Rachio setup.
For now, I have opted to not use the rain sensor but might add it later once I learn a little more.

Thanks again.


thanks for the awesome information.