Hunter Sensor Clik Issue - Always Dry?

I understand that a rain sensor is not necessarily needed for the Rachio to operate properly, but since I’ve had it for 8+ years, it’s a nice thing to have and see notifications considering where I live and how it may rain where I am but not where the PLUS weather station is. The problem I seem to be having is not necessarily the wiring to my Rachio 3 (shown in image), but more that it never seems to activate during a rain event unless I remove the wires and reconnect. The sensor seems to think it’s dry 100% of the time, yet when I do a test it works or when I remove either VAC wire(s) and reconnect. However, after doing so within 30 minutes, the sensor deactivates as if dry again even if it’s still raining or wet at still.

I’m not sure if this is a sensor issue or a connection issue to the Rachio. I’ve twisted the White and Yellow wires in VAC - to ensure a good connection. Could the Rachio 3 “port” connection be the issue? I don’t believe it’s the sensor since it worked fine prior with my old X-Core Hunter system.

Any suggestions are helpful. If I have to reach out to Rachio for a replacement (if the port is the problem) I will do so at the recommendation of the forum users.


@djcentinno - One way to test the port issue is to move the blue wire to S2 and change the settings in the app for S2 to have a rain sensor on it. I would doubt that both sensor ports are bad. I’m leaning to it being the sensor. Has the battery been replaced in the remote unit recently - if it one that has a replacable battery? The models with a sealed in battery are only good for about 10 years - could it be the battery in the remote/sending unit is weak/dead?