Hunter replaced to Rachio 3 - wiring question

I wonder where to connect Hunter model wires to Rachio3. Photo attached.
In Hunter, I see 24vac(2) , REM(1) and SEN(2) wires. Where do they go at Rachio 3?

I believe the following should help based upon the manual found at OM_XCORE_EM.pdf (

  1. 24 VAC: That might be the input to the Hunter. On the Rachio, you would use the supplied power source with the barrel connected. Do not hook up this or any other input to the terminals marked with 24 VAC.
  2. REM: A Hunter remote control that does not get connected to the Rachio, which uses your smartphone.
  3. SEN: Probably the “CLIK” weather sensor. I personally would suggest not hooking this up yet. In other words, get the zones working. With the “weather intelligence”, you might not even need a weather sensor unless the weather station is not close by or you get some extreme localized weather.