Hunter Rain Sensor troubleshooting

trying to hook up my Hunter rain sensor and using your diagram both the lights on the sensor light up and not working, also there is an orange wire from the hunter that is not hooked up

@geodala63, can you post a picture of how you have it wired?

@geodala63, do you have a manual test button on the sensor? If so, try pressing that. Also, try swapping the yellow wires and see if that corrects the situation.

I did both of those already

Is it a new sensor?

no a few years old

Is it clean inside. I don’t trust those things after about a year depending on the environment they are operating in.

the remote sensor works, it worked great this past season, but i can try and clean out if it will make it work, we had a ton of rain

Rachio does not need a rain sensor to operate, but the unit can take the input from existing rain sensors- interrupting the common wire signal.

so the sensor is in bypass mode, push the button, above the lights, it should turn the top light off,
i have one connected , but keep it bypassed all the time, i wired it up, cause i already had it.

if the bottom light is red, the sensor is wet, enabling and disabling the sensor will log into the history, and send an alert,

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I switched the yellow wires and reset and now it works fine


I hooked up my hunter rain sensor with the trash can

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