Hunter Pro to Rachio 3 - one odd wire (pic Included)

I have installed the Rachio 3 but i have one wire i can’t figure out.

Please see the black wire that is circled

Any insight is very much appreciated

Thank you

Please ignore the CAT 6 wires, these were installed in the old Hunter System for automation - all Cat 6 wires are not removed

@lewiss - there could be two zones on that terminal as there are no spare terminals. If you haven’t moved all the wires from the Hunter Pro to the Rachio then I’d take out the pink wire and run that zone to see if anything waters. Then repeat with the black wire out.

If the Hunter Pro has already be de-installed, then I’d connect the black wire to an unused Rachio zone and run that zone to see if anything waters.

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I agree with @DLane, I’m guessing 2 of your zones are doubled up. I assume that you have a 16 zone Rachio, so you could separate them into their own zones, just run each one to figure out what it waters.

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BINGO - that was it

Wow - was that an easy setup; absent the rough wire (which you guys accurately called as an additional zone) the whole thing took less than 30 minutes



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