Hunter Pro-C with Toro Rain sensor to Rachio Gen 2 conversion

I’ve recently relocated to a new residence and brought along my Rachio Gen 2. However, the new property is equipped with a Hunter Pro-C featuring a Toro rain sensor, and the wiring setup is notably more complex than what I had at my previous home. As a result, I find myself in need of assistance. I’ve grasped the wiring configuration on the right side: the White COM wire ought to be connected to the C terminal in the Rachio, and each Zone wire should correspondingly connect to its designated slot in the Rachio. However, I’m puzzled about the wiring on the left side.

  1. Could you shed some light on the purpose of the bright red, blue, and white wires and where they should be routed?
  2. Additionally, concerning the rain sensor wires (I’ve identified five: two red, one beige, and one brown), could you please advise on their proper placement in the Rachio Gen 2?
  3. Lastly, I believe I understand, but I’d like confirmation: is it correct that the Yellow and green wires do not require connection as they serve as power for the Hunter Pro-C?

Thank you for your assistance.

@pkim2168 - Here you go:

  1. I believe the bright red, blue and white wires are for a Hunter remote control unit. The Rachio app serves that purpose, so those wires can be abandoned, along with the black antenna they connect to.

  2. Correct, the yellow and green wires provide power to the Hunter and are replaced by the Rachio transformer and plug.

  3. (sorry for being out of order, I went easiest to more difficult). For the rain sensor - one red wire goes to SP, the other goes to SC (doesn’t matter which one is which), the white to SC and the brown to S1. See → Rachio compatibility with Hunter Rain-Clik Wireless Rain Sensor