Hunter Pro C to Rachio 3rd Gen

Hi All-

New user here. I also read all the threads related to this particular topic, but my wiring is a bit different as well as my desires.

I apologize for the messy wiring which I tried to clean up for the pic (included a clean schematic pic). My Hunter Pro C has a rain sensor, remote, and solar sync attached.

I do NOT want any of these when installing Rachio.

From reading the other threads, I assume that I would then just need to cap off ALL the wires going to the top left corner (SEN, REM, AC1, AC2, GND).

The only wires I would then need to connect to the Rachio would be C and 1-11 along the right side. No M wire.

Did I say all that correctly?


@sorefeet - Correct.

Under the secured cover in the bottom left hand corner is where the 120 VAC comes in. I’d undo the connection there to the Hunter Pro C (turn off the circuit breaker for that circuit first) and wire in a plug for the Rachio to plug into or connect the Rachio outdoor enclosure (not needed for an inside install, but it has a place where one can hardwire the enclosure to AC and then plug in the Rachio). If there is already a plug that will be used for the Rachio then cap off (wire nut) the 120 VAC wires that are under that cover.

The other wires can be pulled out (if they terminate close to the Hunter unit) or abandoned in place - as they shouldn’t have any current flowing through them.


Thank you! It appears to be all working well!