Hunter PRO-C to Rachio 3

A few of my zones and drip lines are either do not work or activate other zones. When I activate my zone 9 drip line it turns on the front yard. Any idea what is going on???

@nyrescue - can you post an “after” picture of the wiring in the Rachio?

What happens when you activate the valve for the zone(s) in question manually using the bleed screw?

I’ll post an after picture tonight when I get home :house:

As requested.

Looks like you are off by 1 count. The bottom (unused) connection on your old hunter is Master Valve, meaning you have 9 zones starting with zone 1 (black).

On Rachio you’ve installed black wire (which is probably your front yard) on Master Valve. You should move all of the wires 1 position to the right, starting with the black wire in the ‘M’ terminal and ending with the yellow wire in the ‘8’ position.

Remember to turn off Master valve within rachio settings (not that it will cause an issue if you don’t).