Hunter Pro-C to Rachio 3 Wiring


I’m looking to buy the Rachio 3 but can find the instructions on how to config when you have a Hunter Pro-C connected by a power cord.

@joe.kingstonx - This will be straight forward. The photos don’t capture the power cord input which I’m guessing is just off to the left of the unit.

The wiring in the left photo is all low voltage (e.g. 24 VAC wiring) and goes straight to the Rachio. Starting at the bottom the white wire goes to a Rachio C terminal, then the red wire in 1 goes to Rachio 1 through the black wire in 5 goes to the Rachio 5 terminal. The red and white wires probably go to a wired rain sensor and you have the option of connecting them to the Rachio sensor port (S1) and 24 - VAC terminal to backup the weather intelligence for rain skipping.

If the Hunter is actually hard wired to the house AC under the bottom left corner cover with grab in the middle then one will need to terminate those wires on a normal electrical plug for Rachio to plug into. Or, one can purchase the Rachio external enclosure that is wired directly to the house power and has a plug for the Rachio unit. Finally, if it is just a cord that runs to a wall plug, then just unplug it and replace that plug with the Rachio power adapter and you’ll be good to go.

Good luck, welcome to the community and be sure to post back with your success and any questions.

I guess it would be easier to buy a very long extension cord and plug it in. Thanks for all the great information! This was very helpful.

@joe.kingstonx - or one can cut the Rachio power supply cord in the middle and extend it with something like speaker wire or a 2 wire field cable. That way one is only running 24 VAC over a long distance instead of 120 VAC

Thanks I will try that.