Hunter Pro-C to Rachio 3 Installation/Wiring Help

I will be switching a Hunter Pro-C → Rachio 3. I have read several posts about it and have gathered some info. So just wanted help to validate the wiring before I do the switch/installation.
Here are the steps so far I have been able to gather:

  1. Run and validate the zones with the Hunter Pro-C
  2. Label the cables.
  3. Hunter Pro-C → Rachio 3:
    a. COM → C
    b. P/MV → M
    c. 1-5 → 1-5
    d. AC1, AC2 & GND → not used, terminal or sensor
    e. SEN → S1 or S2?? don’t connect? don’t see any sensors.

Do you guys recommend setting up the Rachio 3 via the app before installing?

Thank you very much in advance.

@sommerfugl01 - The steps you have outlined are correct.

I believe you may have a wireless rain sensor with the yellow wires on the AC1 and AC2 terminals. See → Rachio compatibility with Hunter Rain-Clik Wireless Rain Sensor

Blue goes to S1 or S2
White goes to VAC -m (sensor common)
one Yellow goes to VAC-, the other yellow goes to VAC + (sensor power)

It is optional to hook up the sensor, kind of a fall back.

Another item is to check to make sure you have good WiFi signal where the controller will be located.

Your choice on setting up the Rachio before installing.

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Thank you for validating @DLane! So based on your comments I updated my mapping for the SEN cables:
a. COM → C
b. P/MV → M
d. AC1, AC2 & GND → not used, terminal or sensor
e. SEN white→ white → 24 VAC - (sensor common)
f. SEN blue → S1 or S2

Still have questions on AC1 (2) and AC2 (2) there are 4 yellow cables, so I am a bit confused which ones should to the 24 VAC + vs - . I see a box that is probably for a rain sensor below the controller box, but there is no white Hunter Rainclik sensor around the house at all so maybe I should skip this? Is the app smart enough to know when it is raining in the area?
update: actually didnt know it just had a cover, it is for a sensor and the top light is blinking. Not sure how it works since there is not white sensor around the house. lol

Thank you again.

@sommerfugl01 - only the yellow wires that are in the same bundle as the white and blue wires for the rain sensor. It doesn’t matter which one of these wires goes to the + or - terminal.

Ignore the yellow wires in the bundle with the green wire as they go to the transformer/power supply.

Yes, Rachio will use the weather forecast for your area to determine rain potential and pause ahead of time - it can miss the random popup shower.

There may not be a mate to the rain sensor, they are mounted on a rain gutter or fence normally. Looks like the sensor is bypassed? Maybe as there is not the corresponding sending unit?

Ok perfect. Crystal clear @DLane. I will double check the gutters, but have not seen any sensors up there either. If I don’t see any I will go ahead and skip/ignore them. I documented your instructions just in case.

a. COM → C
b. P/MV → M
d. GND → ground, IGNORE
e. AC1 & AC 2 from red/blue bundle → 24 VAC + and - (Optional-rain sensor)
f. AC1 & AC2 from green bundle → IGNORE (power supply)
e. SEN white→ white → 24 VAC - (sensor common)
f. SEN blue → S1 or S2

So excited to install this!! Seems pretty straight forward and simple.
Thank you again!

I recommend, as you said, skipping/ignoring the sensor. It seems most people end up not hooking up the sensor at all with how it does the weather, which really depends on the weather stations in the area & how far away, reliable, & accurate they are.

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Thank you!

Thank you guys for your help!!!
I completed the install and setup all by myself so proud! :smiley:
It was a breeze to setup, app is super user friendly so far, and the sprinklers worked right away!!! Now play time!

Here is my final wiring setup in case it helps anyone in the future:
a. COM (green)→ C
b. P/MV → M (not there! don’t have)
c. 1-5 → 1-5 (red, orange, yellow, blue, white)
d. GND → ground (green), (power supply) IGNORE (NOT USING)
e. AC1 & AC2 (yellow) from green bundle → IGNORE (power supply) (NOT USING)
f. AC1 & AC 2 (yellow) from red/blue bundle → 24 VAC + and - (Optional-rain sensor)(NOT USING)
e. SEN white→ white → 24 VAC - (sensor common) (NOT USING)
f. SEN blue → S1 or S2 (sensor) (NOT USING)

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