Hunter Pro-c to Rachio 3 help

Hey guys - irrigation company is wanting to charge a ton to install a wifi controller. Figured this was a good opportunity to do some learning for myself! I have attached current wiring diagram of my hunter pro-c. Wiring help would be appreciated!! Thank you!

@Carlock12 - Piece of Cake - straight forward.

From the Hunter the white wire in the lower left corner on the COM terminal goes to any of the Rachio C terminals.

From the Hunter the wires on the 1 through 5 terminals go to the same numbers on the Rachio (e.g. 1-5).

On the Hunter the blue, white and red that connect to REM, AC1 and AC2 are not used on the Rachio as they go to a dedicated Hunter Remote - Rachio has the app. Also the two yellow wires and the green wire that are in the same bundle and go to the AC1, AC2 and GND terminals are not used. Follow that bundle back to a wall transformer and unplug that transformer.

The remaining wires - black and white on the two SENS terminals and the other two yellow wires on the AC1 and AC2 terminal in the same bundle probably go to a wireless rain sensor. That is optional to hook up with the Rachio. There is a support article on the wiring specifics for wireless rain sensors (, so one yellow to VAC-, the white to VAC -, the other yellow to VAC + and the blue to S1. One reason to use a rain sensor with Rachio is if the weather at your location is different than the weather station that is configured for your location - or there is a small, isolated rain storm that hits your location, but not the weather station.

I’d suggest running all the zones on the current Hunter to make sure they work before unhooking the wiring.

Also, one can configure the Rachio inside before everything is hooked up if desired.

There is a current issue with the initial provisioning of the Rachio with iOS 13.4(1). Normally iOS works flawlessly. If you have an iOS device running 13.3 don’t upgrade it - or find the work around posted in the community.

Welcome to the community and good luck! Post back with any questions or issues and I’m sure someone will reply.

When someone asks me to install their controller, I assume they want it programmed for the zones and plants in their landscape which requires knowledge of soil, plants, irrigation and Rachio. And it takes time. Hooking the wires up takes 5 minutes. That may be why you thought it expensive.