Hunter Pro-C to Rachio 3 conversion

I’d like to convert my Hunter Pro-C to a Rachio 3 - below is a picture of the current system. Is this compatible? If yes, besides the zones, how do I connect the wiring?

Definitely, looks straight forward. It looks like no sensor or pump/master valve. I would make sure all of your zones work before disconnecting, label all the zone wires 1 through 12, labor for common wires, disconnect the Hunter, connect the wires onto the Rachio, use the Rachio supply power supply, and test. Do not connect any power that went to the Hunter.

does this mean I only have to hook up the zones 1-12 and plug in the Rachio with its own power supply?

And common. The only other words I see are not needed on Rachio, power and sensor, oops a sensor does exist. I would label those. Many find the do not need the sensor and you can get that hooked up later if you decide later. I would suggest getting it working without it first.

Thank you!

No problem, glad to help where I can. Please feel free to let us know if you have any issues, questions, or just how it goes.

I found it helpful to search on my exact controller on the site, which came up with very specific instructions.

Normally a hunter Pro-C would have a transformer in the lower left corner of the enclosure. Yours does not have one, and is getting the 24v power from some other source. You’ll need to trace the black wire on the left side of the enclosure to see where that goes.

This is an ugly wiring job, but you can see where the 120v power comes into that covered area in the lower left, and above that is the transformer to convert to 24v for the controller.

I can’t tell if this is an indoor or outdoor installation, but if outdoor, you will need a Rachio outdoor enclosure, which will have a hard wired plug for the Rachio power brick to plug in to. Otherwise, the zone wiring is pretty straight forward. Like @Thomas_Lerman said, I’d leave the sensor wires unplugged for now, get the Rachio up and running, and decide if you actually want/need it.