Hunter pro c to Rachio 3 8 zones

Hi I am moving from hunter pro c to rachio 3, i can only get 5 zones working

The pics are from my old hunter pro c: I have 8 zones but on the hunter pro c only see 5 zones connected
Any help please!!!

The two wires black and green were never connected and the hunter was working for each of the 8 zones. I thought the black was common but no go. When I put the green and black as zone 6 and 7 they don’t work :disappointed:

Are you saying that all eight zones worked on the Hunter with only the five zone wires connected and you have the same five zone wires connected to the Rachio with five zone working? A picture showing Rachio wiring may also help.

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That is correct: all of the right zones with only 5 wires connected. I am out and about and I will send a pic of the Rachio
Thank you

Did some of the zones come on with other zones? In other words, one zone wire at the controller maybe run more than one physical zone?

That is what I am thinking. I bought the house with the hunter pro c installed so don’t the whole story but I know for a fact all 8 zones were working before I removed it and Installed the rachio. Also for the Rachio I used the same color scheme
White common
And the 5 zones colours and left the green and black but only 5 zones came on

If zones were tied together, maybe they worked loose.

Thanks @Thomas_Lerman
So I can I solve this mistery tie the wires wogether?

Do not know . . . I do not know where the wires were tied together, if they were. It does not sound like the black and green wires were it. If it was, that still would only account for 7 of the 8 zones, sounds like they were not connected to the Hunter, and they do not work on Rachio. If zones came one together with the Hunter, they might be tied together elsewhere, like in the valve box or wherever your valves are.

Logically I think the 5 wires are enough for th 8 zones to all work.
I am suspecting it is user an error, I will go look at if the wires are fully connected and all the way in. Because it shouldn’t be this hard

I might guess something on user error, but really do not know. I am kind of confused with what I am interpreting.

May I ask why you are changing controllers? I have both a Rachio 3 and a Hunter Pro and I have found the Rachio more difficult to use because the extreme focus on FLEX makes it harder to use with water restrictions. If the Hunter was working before, why switch?

It is old not convenient and not Wi-Fi enabled
Hunter is just overrated
And expensive